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tv   [untitled]    May 1, 2012 9:30am-10:00am PDT

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what we do is provide patient care and safety. what you do see, you see the options in line, the nurse calls, the vital monitors. that is what we maintain. behind the scenes, we maintain the power plants, the emergency generator, the critical equipment, nitrous oxide, air- conditioning, heating. on my campus, i have engineers that have been there for over 30 years. under our watch, for 24-7 for 30 + years, we have never had a patient been injured or worse under our watch. during the strike, we of been on
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strike for about 35 weeks now. our replacement is there. they have no clue the commitment that we maintain. for example, yesterday, we have a major flood. it flooded over seven floors. the sentences, fire department had to arrive to turn off the main water supply. these are people that they replaced us with to maintain this critical equipment, patient care and safety. that is what cpmc regards our value and that the patients value. thank you. >> thank you, president fong and commissioners. my name is paula and i am a resident of san francisco and a volunteer at california pacific medical center. i support rebuild cpmc and i
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hope you will also. i volunteer as a way of giving back to my community. years ago, i was able to receive sliding scale services from cpmc and those services saved my life. one of my jobs @ cpmc has been to greet and escort young adults from galileo high school to help academy. as a visit various departments within cpmc. i have been to at least 15 different departments with the students and to a person, i find the staff engaging, encouraging, and excited about their work, the work that they do there. i was going to say something about seismic safety, however, the seismic experts said it much
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better than i can. in conclusion, i want to ask you to support rebuild cpmc. we need the facilities for the future and safety of all of our citizens and we need seismically up-to-date medical facilities. thank you very much and i encourage you to support this project. president fong: ok, elsie, javier, anna, robert. if i have called your name, come on up. maggie, nancy, don, april.
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hang on. one second. we have like 100 left. commissioner moore: they are not going to go away. we need a break, i think. president fong: hold your thought. i appreciate it. we will take a 5-10 minute
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>> the planning commission is back in session. if i could have everyone's attention for just a moment. i am going to remind everyone to silence or turn off your cell phones because i know all of them -- all of you were on them during the break. also, we are still in public comment. we still have all of you and i believe there are a few more people downstairs who i would encourage to come upstairs at this point. we still have over one hour of public comment. then there has to be commissioned deliberation. for every one that can hear me
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that is here for the four- o'clock calendar, please note that the planning commission will not start that calendar before 7:00 p.m. if you need to go away and come back, that is fine. you can go down and make yourselves comfortable until we start that hearing. we will not start that hearing before 7:00 p.m. if you are in the room and you get this message, if you could convey that to your clients or friends outside, that would be helpful. as the president calls your name, thank you for lining up on the far wall. if you could line up over there as opposed to by the door, we would appreciate that. president fong: ok. thank you. >> thank you, commissioners. good afternoon. my name is harvey heir. i am with the local 61.
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-- my name is javier. i am with the local 261. i am here to speak in favor of this project. the last two or three years, we have been suffering, not enough work for our members. this is one of the best opportunities that we ever had, planning to have our members come back to work. as a business agent for my union, i am obligated not only to support a project that is going to provide work to our members, but also to represent them. this is the way our opinion, it is one of the best times to start new construction on a project. this project, it is going to
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benefit not only our members, it is clear to benefit all of the unions involved in construction. i do not think there is not a single union that is going to get some kind of benefit by doing this project. you know, the -- one of the things that this project -- in our case, it is going to create problems -- i am sorry, create jobs for our members. at the same time, some of our members, i will say, out of my head, about 70% of our members, they use their services. it is something that we're looking forward